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Using 20+ years of experience and multiple modes of exercise delivery, Levity can help you up again!  Speeding your recovery with personally prescribed exercise sessions and programs in a safe, private and comfortable environment, the exercise physiologists at Levity are more than qualified to give you the treatment you deserve.

We can work with and give relief for a range of conditions and illnesses listed below:

• Losing  or gaining weight and getting fitter for specific events such as adventure races, masters games, return to sports or starting new sports

• Injury rehabilitation and management

• Surgery pre-surgery (get fit for surgery) and post surgery rehabilitation such as knee or hip replacements, ACL tears, cesarean sections and post natal recovery

• Persistent pain such as back pain, headaches, plantar fasciitis, hip knee and shoulder pain, and disease such as arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic conditions

• A range of abilities and disabilities

• Mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety, bipolar and fatigue management, tiredness, as well as neurological disorders such as stroke, parkinson's disease and traumatic brain injury

• Improvement in activities of daily living (ADL's) and NDIS plan goal achievement

CHAT WITH US or BOOK NOW for your initial assessment and let us lift you up!

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