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"Working with Tony is the first time in my life (66yrs) that I actually look forward to going to the gym. I’m finding Tony’s approach holistic, very sensitive to my individual needs and fun. I’m pushed just hard enough to feel I’ve done a good workout without feeling totally fatigued. I highly recommend him as a personal exercise physiologist and have already recommended him to a number of friends."

-Dixie Sounness

"Tony was the first  trainer I had who really paid attention to what I wanted to achieve, which was functional fitness with a focus on plyometrics, and set my training regime to help me get there.

He focused on form over everything and I left every session challenged and, therefore, satisfied.

Anthony used techniques on me 3 years before they became so popular in other gyms - he is ahead of the curve and constantly educating himself on proven methods."

-Marika Mazzucchelli

"In 2010 at the age of 42 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy and then reconstruction. My upper body movement as I knew it had completed changed. Through weekly sessions with Tony doing gentle movement and then increasing to rehabilitation exercises I was able to adapt to my new breasts and gain full range of arm and shoulder movement. I credit Tony for helping me to live my “new normal” life. His compassion and understanding certainly made the journey a lot easier"

-Melissa Del Popolo

"If overweight and overworked, time poor and with lower back pain describes you- as it did me- then let me recommend Tony. Now fitter and stronger then I have been in many a year - and back pain free - all I needed to do was front up and let Tony do ( or more accurately expertly motivate) the rest! Thanks Tony!!"

-Dr Tom Gliddon

"Amazing workout program with a truly professional trainer, Tony has helped me achieve my goal of making a state rowing team. From Tony’s training I became a part of the fifth best schoolboy eight in the whole of Australia smashing incredible records for WA."

-Lucas Gribble

“Levity really do understand how to help clients get the best out of themselves, physically and mentally. I am proud to have worked with Tony for 14 years to help maintain my health and am happy to recommend him to others - including my own patients”

-Dr Christobel Saunders AO

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